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If you are one among those millions who is aspiring to become a model or actor, you are going to need a comp or zed card. Not only will you, even those who are in the industry also need a great portfolio to break through the set standards. Unfortunately, many of us, especially the freshers begin to believe that the photographers know exactly what you want; it depends predominantly on your research from the internet and contacts of the popular sample headshots Washington DC and which of these are more appealing to the industry. Then it would be a combined effort of you along with your photographer and his team that you decide the type of portfolio you want to build for you!

Photographers and models usually use the zed cards or comp cards whose normal size is generally 5X8.5 while actors generally prefer to use the 8X10 cards. Now, what would a great zed card for your portfolio?

Good Portfolios

A good headshot includes five completely distinct looks, i.e. four on the back and one on the front. This is a standard marketing strategy that is being used for many years and is used till date. If you want to define good Headshots in DC, it has got to be one that pops out at the casting director and in turn opens doors to success! You could use many ways to ensure that your headshot stands out and todays computer technology makes it relatively much easier. There is a plethora of choices in the market which can indeed help you come up with an appeasing portfolio. You can prefer to stick with either one agency or also have your own stock of cards!

Essentially, your Headshots Washington DC should look like you are now; so keep it simple with least jewelry sans any logo on clothes which are in turn bright but not jazzy in colors! While you choose your clothes for your pictures, select a wardrobe that never goes out of fashion and avoid black and white; however, black works great with men! In any case if you are not comfortable with doing your hair and makeup on your own, get a professional help and ensure that you dont compromise.

There have been several opinions over what exactly makes a great headshot. Fundamentally, a striking headshot stands out from the rest which is possible as a result of an amazing chemistry between you and your photographer. Though many are also of the opinion that it is the eyes that catch the maximal attention; they must be clear, expressive and alive! Most importantly, you must relax and remain comfortable throughout the photography session; this would come through your final selections and actually catch the attention of your casting director.

You surely dont have to empty your pockets over headshots in DC; there are many photographers who are extremely good at this and hence, wouldnt mind helping you out at reasonable prices. You could start with a reference or search out someone really good, strike a good rapport and a great deal with him for your portfolio. Get a little organized before your shoot and be confident of yourself for it is that attitude that will take you a long way!
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Making Great Headshots In Dc

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This article was published on 2011/02/23